Delivering community wealth and social economic value to our region is an integrated part of our business and project approach.

The business has grown, shown the resolve to deal with difficult economic periods and evolved into the company it is today by forming long-term relationships with the local supply chain and stakeholders in the region. We believe in working with our suppliers, treating them well and enjoying repeat business. We have helped smaller suppliers to develop as the business has grown.

School Visit

The development of our people is important as we are striving to shape the business for the future. We employ locally and support our employees to be the best they can be.

We work with regional anchor institutions including CCTAL, Cyfle, CWiC and the CITB to develop and deliver opportunities for apprenticeships and training.

Our integrated approach to project development ensures that environmental considerations are built into our project solutions as we strive to reduce waste, minimise our carbon footprint and protect the precious local environment.