Community Benefit Project with Ceredigion College

Morgan Construction are working with Ceredigion College on an ongoing Community Benefit Project  – recently we were able to give a virtual tour of our site at Llannon to a group of year 11 students.

We’re happy to report that the tour went very well and the students really enjoyed it. They raised many great questions such as:-

  • How do you ensure that the site is safe to work on?
  • Do you take care not to pollute the local environment with dirty water from mixers etc?
  • What are the benefits of working in the Construction Industry?
  • What do you think a sustainable housing estate will look like in fifty years’ time?

We were also joined by the WWHA who have expressed how much they enjoyed the tour.

We plan to facilitate one more tour with the same students towards the end of the programme showing them how the end product looks.